Rodolfo Llópiz Cisneros

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

In January 1996, the Arci Nova Cultural Association invited him to Italy, together with five other Cuban painters, to perform The Travelling Exhibition see to believe. He then returned to Cuba, where he taught screen printing courses at the International Association of recorders. There was two exhibitions of collagegrafía. Five months later he returned to Italy for an individual exhibition in Benevento and also obtained a scholarship to carry out an engraving folder in Weimar (Germany). At that time he collaborated with the RAM Gallery in Zurich and the Canvas Gallery in Amsterdam.

In March 2000 he came to Spain and stayed for sentimental reasons.

Currently he is immersed in a new project of artistic production in Malaga that in recent times and thanks to institutional support, is becoming an important artistic focus.

Llopiz's painting is catalogued within Pop-Art, although he, due to his Caribbean origins, prefers to call his work Salsa-Art. His works are a mixture of images in which he combines the serious with the joke, the text with the image and the color with the black. He likes to define himself as an image handler and his work is marked by the decontextualization of images of other artists. Llopiz believes that art is experiencing an industrial invoice effect where the artist's footprint is lost. He thinks we live in a time where everything is possible and nothing is true. It is currently working on a graphic series with the title banknotes to suit the needs made with the established parameters.



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