Cristóbal Gabarrón Betegón

Painter and sculptor Above all else Cristóbal Gabarrón is a convinced humanist. Perhaps his childhood marked by his birth in Mula (Murcia), his move to Valladolid, where his first artistic training began, his trips to France and Italy, or his current work that is produced between Spain and the United States, have generated in him an open mind and dialogue that has left an imprint on all his works.

His humanist vision has played a key role in his participation in international projects. The realization of the Olympic mural "History of the Olympics" for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, the set of murals "Encounter 92", situated in la Plaza de América de la Exposición Universal de Sevilla, on la Isla de la Cartuja, the series "Twelve European Muses" for the new European Parliament in 1993 or the selection by the United Nations of the work "Dawn in the New Millennium" to spread the celebration of the 1999 summit, which brought together leaders from around the world. These are some of the examples of his clear international vocation.

Eager to give back to society what it has given to him, since 1992 he has sponsored the gradual creation of three foundations, in Valladolid, New York, and Murcia, where his principle desire is to give back to society, by way of the realization of artistic and cultural activities, all that he has received over the years. The Cristobal Gabarron Foundation, The Gabarron Foundation, and La Fundación Casa Pintada are three cultural institutions that thanks to the patronage of the artist and the cooperation of other organizations, develop a great number of projects aimed at shaping the artist's personal values.


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